A day in Victoria Falls – Zambia

I arrived in Livingstone at around 12 pm. Livingstone is a touristic centre for the Victoria Falls in Zambia. This was my first solo travel though I was due to meet up with my sister later that day. I was taking a five days’ vacation and my main aim was to see the magnificent Victoria Falls. This is the most significant and largest waterfall in the world. I reserved a guesthouse in advance so I had no worries about looking for accommodation. Therefore, I first searched for a place to eat, Hungry Lion was the first in sight so I went for it.

Livingstone town is small but stood historically and was flooded with tourists as well as locals. It was the start of Easter holiday and that marks vacation time worldwide and it is a sign that I was not the only one with Victoria Falls on the bucket list. After my lunch, I took a cab to my reserved accommodation, Golden Strides where I was warmly welcomed and it felt like home. After some hours, my sister arrived and we couldn’t wait for the morning.

Next morning we got a spoiler breakfast that we enjoyed, while we wait for the cab to take us to the Falls.

Victoria Falls is about 10 km in the outskirt of Livingstone and the route runs along the Zambezi River and the view was just amazing. We paid U$20 entry fee and our adventure began. Prior to entry into the Vic Falls Park, vendors outside offered raincoats for rent that cost us 5 Kwacha each which was reasonable.

Victoria Falls park is quite a natural heritage between Zambia and Zimbabwe. According to Unesco, the Mosi-oa-Tunya (another name for Vic Falls which means ‘The smoke that thunders’), is the largest curtain of falling water in the world.

At first as we walked toward the falls we could hear faded roars but as we got closer the roars got louder and the air got denser with moisture, leaving us with a surge of great excitement.

Below I am sharing our first views of the falls. A picture speaks a thousand words.


Victoria Falls/Mosi-oa-Tunya

Vic falls

Victoria Falls/Mosi-oa-Tunya

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls/Mosi-oa-Tunya

It was more like there is life in this water as it falls, a beautiful mist rises like smoke leaving a cloud that sprays you with a cold shower. Hence as we got closer to the falls, it started to “rain” and at this point, one should put on their raincoats if they are not willing to get completely wet.

The Knife edge bridge

The most breathtaking part of the falls on the Zambian side. This is the best lookout point that gives you a vivid view of the Main Falls. January to June are the times where the water levels are high and you get to experience the sprays from the falls, hence our timing was just right. As we crossed the bridge, the indecent sprays from the falling water showered on us like rain. At first, we were trying to keep dry, but then, later on, we let it pour on us.

How often do we get to do this?…. right?

The view was magnificent and the excitement was inevitable. I remember telling myself that even if I get Malaria from this, I would not mind. Do not freak out, I did not get Malaria.

The bridge could be a bit slippery especially with running water, so you may like to wear firm flip-flops to be on the safe side.

Knife Edge Bridge

Knife Edge Bridge

The rainbows

The falls is not only significant for it’s aforementioned features but beautiful rainbows can also be captured around the falls in daylight.


Victoria Falls Rainbow

We also had enjoyed the liberty of taking a track to the upstream. There, one can find a rest place in nature along the streams of Zambezi and be blown away by it’s significant beauty.

The Victoria Falls bridge


Victoria Falls Bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia

This Vic Falls bridge lays between the two countries, Zambia and Zimbabwe. No one and I mean no one, should leave the Falls without visiting this bridge.

We had to cross over the Zimbabwean borders to visit the bridge, since we were touring from Zambia. The bridge connects the two countries and it give a magnificent view of the Falls on both sides. It is on this bridge where Bungee jumpers get to jump off the bridge down into the roars of the mighty Zambezi, such an adrenaline provoking experience. I would rather watch.

The walk to the bridge took us around +/- 15 minutes. Upon reaching the bridge, I couldn’t help it but notice that each face had a glow of excitement and fulfillment.

The only challenge we have experienced upon touring in this prestigious scenery is the inability to take clear shots because of the mist, but I would not trade that feeling and the memories it left for anything else, no one would. I can sure do it again!

The two pictures below where taken few seconds apart but the difference is enormous. Amazing right?


We spent around four hours exploring the falls because there wasn’t just much to see but we were also taking our time. This is a place one would not want to rush through but get absorbed in the pure nature that comes with it.

The must haves:

  • Snacks – There’s just so much to see and you might want to snack on something.
  • Water bottles
  • Second pair of clothes – You might want to change after the sprays.
  • Raincoat or umbrella – Or you can rent one from the vendors.
  • Some extra money – who would want to take a Vic Falls postcard home?
  • Warm clothes during winters (May to June)
  • Flipflops – Or boots that you won’t mind ruining.

Such an exhilarating experience we have had around the majestic falls, although I would love to go back and see it from the Zimbabwean side as there are more view points of the falls compared to the Zambian side.

The Knife edge bridge in Zambia at this point remains my favorite.

Overall, if you in for an adventure, and would like an opportunity to lose yourself in nature’s beauty, pack up and head for the Zambezi’s Mighty Victoria Falls.

You will never regret it.



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